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I don’t quite get the sentence that read, “It is recommended that you carry a copy of your certificate and a copy of the exemption in your vehicle.” I’m guessing the certificate means license, but I don’t know how you’d carry a copy of the exemption, unless they mean a copy of the law that shows the exemptions……Dan

RAC Bulletin 2012-071E – Distracted Driving Update – Ontario Regulations Changed 2012-12-22

In light of the prorogation of the Ontario Legislature on October 15, 2012, the amateur radio community in Ontario has raised questions regarding the status of the 5-year extension to the amateur radio exemption in the Display Screens and Hand-Held Devices Regulations that was announced by Minister of Transportation Bob Chiarelli on September 24, 2012. Former RAC Honourary Legal Counsel, Steve Pengelly, VE3STV, has advised that prorogation would have had no effect on the announced extension because it was contained in a regulation passed by an order-in-council.

To further address the concern, Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to inform Ontario hams that Ontario Regulation 253/12 has amended the amateur radio exemption sections of former Ontario Regulation 366/09. Specifically, the “January 1, 2013” portion of section 13(1) and the entirety of section 13(2) of Ontario Regulation 366/09 were struck out and replaced with section 3(1) and 3(2) of Ontario Regulation 253/12, stating the new January 1, 2018 deadline. The actual amended Ontario Regulation 366/09 can be found online as well.

Radio Amateurs of Canada will continue to pursue a permanent exemption for Amateur Radio operators in Ontario. Similar exemptions already exist in many other provincial jurisdictions in Canada – thanks in part to the efforts of local amateurs and RAC’s national strategy to address distracted driving legislation.

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It is recommended that you carry a copy of your certificate and a copy of the exemption in your vehicle.

Jeff Stewart, va3wxm – RAC Ontario South Director/Assistant Chairman – Ontario distracted driving committee on behalf of Bill Unger, VE3XT – RAC Director Ontario North – East – Chairman – Ontario distracted driving committee


Vernon Ikeda – VE2MBS/VE2QQ
Pointe-Claire, Québec
RAC Blog Editor/RAC E-News/Web News Bulletin Editor


  1. Hi Dan – IC supplies a pocket size copy of our certificates (Certificate of Proficiency in Amateur Radio) which is the same as the US license. The links in the document allow the user to print either the revised regulations or only the changes to the regs. There have been cases where the police ticketed a ham as they didn’t understand the difference between a ham radio and a cell phone (or other electronic devices).

    One must keep in mind that the regulations specifically state “drivers who hold a valid radio operator certificate issued under the Radiocommunication Act (Canada)”. I am not sure the regulations would protect a US ham operating mobile while in Ontario. (Similarly, in Michigan, the law reads as a license issued by the FCC and it doesn’t protect Canadian hams which is why I also have a US license – N0OKA).


  2. Saw this post over on a Ham/CB radio site also that mentioned some of the laws here in the states. It can be seen at

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