No-Nonsense, General Class Study Guide

Well, it took me a little longer than I anticipated, but the beta release of my The No-Nonsense, General Class License Study Guide is now available. The new General Class test is a bit harder, I think, than the old test.

Anyway, I’d be happy to have any and all review this. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

If you’re still studying for your Tech license, you can download my No-Nonsense Technician Class License Study Guide. Both are completely free. I would just like to hear of your experience in using the guides, either for personal use or as a text for a class.


  1. Ronny, KC5EES says:

    Congratulations on finishing the General Study Guide. I’m sure it was a labor of love that you grew to hate. hi. hi.

    Since the Question Pools have changed for Tech and will soon change for General, I am planning on using your study guides in my high school radio elective class next year. The school purchased class sets of the books, but I doubt they will want to buy a bunch of new books because the question pool changed.

    Actually, I think I like the idea of moving quickly through the study guides, taking the licensing exam and then spending the rest of the semester building, practicing and having fun actually talking on the radio (or using CW, digital modes, etc.)

    I will let you know how the Study Guides work out.

    Ronny, KC5EES
    Round Rock, Tx

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    Very cool, Ronny. Please do let me know how they work out.

    You might also want to check out the study guides of the Ham Radio Teacher Project at These study guides have more technical information and illustrations, which might make them more appropriate for use in a classroom such as yours.

  3. Bill Ward says:

    I just printed your study guide. Thanks for making it available!



  4. Thanks man.

    I did well on my General exam after a couple evenings reading through your study guide.


  5. Dan KB6NU says:

    That’s great. I’m glad I was able to help……73, Dan KB6NU

  6. ANITA AKRIDGE says:

    Thank you so much for the no nonsense study guide. It is so helpful for instructors, and it is very helpful for students as a final study tool. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this guide and I am really looking forward to using it in January with my class. Anita AI4YV, Sun City Center, Florida

  7. Hi, I’ve been an active SWL for several years and wish to get a tech ticket. Is this all the info i need to pass the test? Its been years since i tried to ‘study’ to learn and am expecting a hard time. any additional info via web links sent to my email, (additional study material , practice exams) would be greatly appreciated. I have enjoyed listening for several years on and my personal s/w receiver. I think the tech in 08 and then moving towards general in 09 is my goals. Thanks for taking the time to help out a newbie!

  8. Dan KB6NU says:

    Yes, what’s in the study guide is pretty much all you need to know to pass the test. To be a “successful” radio amateur, however, you’ll find that you’ll have to keep learning. :)

    Besides reading the guide, I also encourage you to take online practice tests. The three sites I recommend are:

  9. Jim Hartung says:

    I just now printed out your guide. Thanks for making it available. I will try my way through it and let you know but regardless I realize that this is quite an effort on your part, thanks. Jim H.

  10. Mark Womack says:

    Hi Dan
    I’ve been reading through your guide for probably the last month or so, and am be going to take the exam in just 2 days (I am regularly scoring in the upper 90s or 100 using your guide against QRZd practice tests). I don’t have any doubt I’ll pass the exam at the very least….. I will also buy the ARRL manual (I should have already, but I’m short on cash so bypassed it)… but love the hobby !

    Cheers, Mark (KJ4ECJ – /ALMOST AG)

    PS : I just checked this site to see if the Guide was still available but it keeps returning error 404 (What gives ?) Good thing I downloaded it.

  11. Dan KB6NU says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Mark. I think what happened is that the file accidentally got deleted when I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, the blogging software that runs this site. Thanks for pointing out the broken link. I’ve just fixed it.

  12. Steven KE5RCX says:

    Thank you for making your technician study guide. It helped me get my technician class license in 2007. Now that I am thinking of upgrading my license to the general class, I am once again using your book. I have also recently recommended your book to a friend of mine who wants to get his technician license. Great work!

  13. Mark KI4ZZZ says:

    Thank You! for your hard work. I like free stuff, especially when given by someone concerned with creating more operators, better operators. I know that most will curl their lip at this, even though they may have started there. I predominantly operate on the 11 Meter band. I guess because that is where I started, plus I get a kick out of some of the characters on this band, plus I feel I do a small service when helping CB fellas out setting up their stations correctly, or close to it. When they find out I am a HAM also it brings questions and most go on to get their ticket also. Some have really excelled and have by-passed me going to Extra. I am slow and happy and I like it that way. Again, Thank You for your work!
    KI4ZZZ, and yes this is the call I received from the Gov. People always ask.

  14. Doug K?8?? says:


    I just passed the tech and general exam elements and want to thank you for the guides. The guides gave me a pocket sized reference that traveled with me on a daily basis. This allowed me to sneak a bit of study time in here and there when my ARRL book was at home.

    I found them to be an excellent resource. 73!

  15. Pretty cool stuff. Just passed my Tech test and wanted to move on to General this month. You should consider packaging this as a small Iphone App and make a few pennies. Good work. Is the Extra manual out yet?

    • Dan KB6NU says:

      Thanks, Jacob. Well, I haven’t done an iPhone app (yet!), but the Tech study guide is available as an e-book on and I have actually made a few pennies already with those versions.

      There will be an Extra manual, but not until next year, when they update the question pool.

  16. Dan,

    Thanks for these guides. Two days ago I got interested in amateur radio and read around online. Yesterday I found your Technician guide, looked at it briefly, and took an online test several times, scoring around 60-67%. Today I spent a few hours reading your guide and am now scoring around 77%, a passing grade. I want to get to 90%+, but thanks for creating such a great resource.


  17. Thanks for you work of love and making it available to us, The No-Nonsense General Class License Study Guide.

    I’m an old guy, 68 and taking my Technician test today. The reason being is I’m a American Red Cross volunteer. I’ve been with their DAT (Disaster Action Team) but I just joined their DST (Disaster Service Technology team. I would guess that more then half the DST members are licensed hams. The knowledge comes in handy and there are times the license is required.

    Your work has made my job a little easier. Thanks.

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