Operating Notes – 9/10/11

Some operating notes covering the past couple of weeks:

  1. The bands have been in fine fettle most evenings lately. I’ve been getting great reports and stations have been booming in here. It’s made operating a lot of fun.
  2. Despite that, conditions on 20m seemed kind of poor today while operating down at the museum. I made a couple of contacts in the Arkansas QSO Party, then turned the beam NW and worked a station in Luxembourg that was operating some European DX contest. Luxembourg is a new country for us.
  3. I don’t know if our 40m dipole has deteriorated, or the conditions have been marginal, or if it’s the difference in antenna performance between the beam and the dipole, but operating on 40m is now just a real pain. We’re scheduled to move the dipoles on Thursday, and I’m hoping that rebuilding the dipole and moving it to the other side of the roof will help.

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