Operating Notes

Last night, I almost worked W4ME, whose QSL would have looked great in my collection of QSLs from stations whose call signs spell words. He was working a W2 when I heard him. I waited until their QSO was over before trying to contact him, but he pulled the plug really quickly and never answered my call. Today, however, I worked N4TO and W1IS.

Their QSLs will look good, too–if they actually send me one. A couple of days ago, I heard WA3MIX on the air and got all excited about working him. Then, it occurred to me that I had already worked him. I searched my computer log, and sure enough, I worked him several months ago, and sent him a QSL card, with an SASE for him to send me his card. To date, I’ve yet to receive a response.

This isn’t the only one that I’ve not received, and I always send SASEs when asking for a guy’s card. I’m going to have to go through the log and find out who’s not replied yet and perhaps e-mail to get them to respond. Hopefully, a friendly reminder will do the trick.

QSLs received. Speaking of my QSL collection, I received two new ones this week: WA3VAT and WA3OFF. I’ve paired WA3OFF with K1ON in my QSL holder, but I don’t really have a good mate for WA3VAT yet.


  1. Ronny, KC5EES says:

    In reviewing contest logs for our high school club, K5LBJ, I always enjoy the ‘interesting’ callsigns. I recall a few good ones such as one ending in USA and others with UFO and FBI. Thought the pairing of OFF and ON was funny.

    Enjoy the collection.

    Ronny, KC5EES
    Round Rock, TX

  2. Dan – To match up WA3VAT you obviously need to work a W#GIN callsign!

    73 es HNY – Larry W2LJ

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