Oriole on a tower and other links of interest

Oriole on a tower

Google sent me a link to this photo. I love orioles, and thought I’d share it with you. In her post, the photographer writes, “My son built the tower, which is 120 feet tall. Not sure how high the oriole was, but he was up there.”

Here are a couple of other links:

Minimum Discernible Difference. This is an attempt by AB7E to “quantify the difference in readability between two signals of comparable, but unequal strength.” The goal was to determine if it’s really worthwhile to modify an antenna to gain say 1 dB or 2 dB of signal strength. Very interesting discussion.

Build your own 100W,  20m, end-fed, half-wavelength antenna. Most end-fed, half-wavelength (EFHW) antenna designs that you see are for QRPers. The reason for this is that the voltages at the end of a half-wavelength can be quite substantial, even at QRP levels. This design, however, is rated at 100W. I have all the parts to do this, except for the enclosure, and plan to try this soon.


  1. Elwood Downey, WB0OEW says:

    The EARC article says adding a balun will interfere with antenna performance. That suggests this design results in feed line radiation and so is not really a true coupler at all.

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