What are you doing for Field Day?


My club here in Ann Arbor, ARROW, is still debating what to do about Field Day. We are unable to return to the site it was held at last year, so the organizers are still looking for a site. In addition, they have been talking about downsizing from 4A … [Continue reading]

From my inbox: 100 years of ham radio, spectrum analysis, mesh networks

Celebrating 100 years of ham radio. This month marks the centennial of the American Radio Relay League, the largest ham radio association in the United States. That means it will be a special year for the hundreds who converge annually on W1AW, a … [Continue reading]



Two new ones for collection of QSL cards from stations whose call signs spell words: John writes, "I lived in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area for two years. Working you brought back a lot of memories." It was my pleasure, John. Up in Canada, … [Continue reading]

From my Twitter feed: Tindie, resonant speaker

Blackrock Castle @blackrockcastle @WIRED: An inside look at Tindie, a thriving new marketplace for DIY gadgets wrd.cm/Rlnkbt pic.twitter.com/pZzItSsUpz” @ado_collins   John Ryan @n1pce April 2014 CQ Plus - Adding Volume With a Resonant … [Continue reading]

Makers should make things that work

In the March/April issue of CQ, Rich, W2VU wrote the "Makers" column for the regular editor. He writes about a one-tube transmitter that he built. It sounds like an interesting project, but then he says: I haven't actually gotten to testing it out … [Continue reading]

Operating notes: FAT, ragchews, newbies on 2m

FAT. I've added yet another station to my collection of QSOs with stations whose callsigns spell words. WA4FAT, who subscribes to my tip-of-the-week mailing list, volunteered to work me and did so on 40m this last week. Now, I'm waiting for the … [Continue reading]

Amateur radio in the news: antenna dispute, Hamvention on TV, new respect for emcomm

Neighbors protest radio antenna in historic district. When Napa resident Kathleen Wolf returned to her Randolph Street home in April, following a three-month trip to France, she was surprised to see a newly installed 55-foot-tall radio antenna … [Continue reading]

Happy Ham Radio Week: Do we get cake?

As legislatures do in many states, the Michigan legislature has designated the last week in June as Amateur Radio Week in Michigan. Here's the text: Senate Resolution No. 149. A resolution to recognize and designate June 23-29, 2014, as Amateur … [Continue reading]

How do you know that fuse is protecting your circuit?

How do you know that this fuse will protect your rig?

I blog for a leading manufacturer of circuit protection devices, so I keep my eye out for articles on fuses, ESD diodes and the like. Recently, I came across the article, "Fuse selection factors critical to circuit design." Among the factors … [Continue reading]

Weird ARRL BOD Meeting Announcement

This just arrived in my inbox: AGENDA Special Meeting ARRL Board of Directors By Webinar 9:00 PM EDT Thursday, May 22, 2014 Roll call and announcement that the meeting is being recorded Consideration of the agenda for the … [Continue reading]