From my Twitter feed: new EchoLink for Mac, SDR

dusty_s @dusty_s EchoHam (formerly EchoMac) update in Mac App Store" <- glad to see an update!   Dangerous Prototypes @dangerousproto OHM2013: Hacking the radio spectrum with GNURadio … [Continue reading]

Amateur radio in the news: emergency communications in FL, Museum Ships Weekend

This TV report highlights the emergency preparedness of hams in Tampa Bay, FL.

Amateur radio operators 'vital' to emergency response. They're some of the most critical people for a hurricane response, but you may be surprised, even concerned, when you first hear who they are: amateurs. 10 News looked at the people our rescuers … [Continue reading]

New hams are different

AHA is one of Ann Arbor's cool makerspaces.

This is going to be a bit of a ramble, but I need to get some thoughts down about new hams, and maybe get some feedback on these ideas from both new hams and guys that have been around for a while. On Thursday evening, I visited the All Hands … [Continue reading]

2215 problem found


A couple of days ago I reported that I'd let the magic smoke out of my Tek 2215 oscilloscope. I was playing around with it last Friday evening, heard some arcing, and then saw a puff of smoke exit the back of the instrument. Oddly enough, the scope … [Continue reading]

FCC Okays Changes to Amateur Radio Exam Credit, Test Administration, Emission Type Rules

If you ask me, it's kind of bizarre, that the FCC will now only require lapsed Generals and Extras to pass the Tech exam to get their licenses back, but hey, who am I to judge?...Dan ZCZC AG12 QST de W1AW ARRL Bulletin 12 ARLB012 From ARRL … [Continue reading]

Station Notes: June 6 – June 9, 2014

While going through some boxes last Friday, I came across a Heathkit IG-102 signal generator. It was in pretty good shape, so I thought I'd fire it up and see if it was still working. I fired up my Tek 2215 scope and connected to to the IG-102. … [Continue reading]

Need a job? Need some techs?

This morning, I got the following e-mail: Hi Dan, I came across you website as we are in search of a Two-Way Radio Repair Technician at our Carlsbad, CA facility. Do you have any sources in the San Diego area that might be interested or even you … [Continue reading]



Here are two QSLs for my collection that came to me as a direct result of being on Twitter. Bill, WA4FAT, and I set up a sked via Twitter, and we actually made on on-air contact. I haven't yet worked Tom, N9GUN, but when I mentioned that I'd like to … [Continue reading]

From my Twitter feed: open source laptop, fritzing, audiophool product

Santosh Dahal @dsantosh_ World's First Open Source Laptop Gets Wideband Software-Defined Radio… #SDR #amateurradio   Digilent Inc. @DigilentInc How to use @FritzingOrg tutorial on our blog with the new Digilent … [Continue reading]

It never fails to amaze me how cheap hams are

I couldn't even get $50 for this paddle and keyer.

So, this morning, I loaded up the Freestyle and took some junk great stuff to the Chelsea Amateur Radio Club hamfest. Now, this is a small hamfest, so I guess that I didn't really expect much, but I was rather disappointed that I didn't sell even … [Continue reading]