LC100 LC meter seems like a good deal


I recently bought an LC100A LC meter from eBay, like the one shown below. If you search eBay, you'll find them on sale anywhere from $20 to $40. Yesterday, I finally got around to playing with it a little. To power the device, you need to … [Continue reading]

2014 Tech study guide: Basic repair and testing

The addition of T7D12 is the only change to this section...Dan The most common test instrument in an amateur radio shack is the multimeter. Multimeters combine into a single instrument the functions of a voltmeter, ohmmeter, and ammeter. Voltage … [Continue reading]

2014 Tech study guide: RF interference, common transmitter and receiver problems

There were some substantial changes to this section. More questions were added about how to troubleshoot RF interference problems and a couple of questions were eliminated, including one about alternator whine...Dan Since Murphy’s Law—the law that … [Continue reading]

2014 Tech study guide: receivers, transmitters, and transceivers

This section was changed quite a bit. It used to include four block diagrams, but the question pool committee eliminated all of them. Bravo! Dan In the early days of radio, amateur radio operators used separate receivers and transmitter units. … [Continue reading]

Your ARRL Board of Directors at work

The ARRL Board held their annual winter meeting on January 17 - 18, and the meeting minutes are now published. Here are a few items that I thought were of interest: #6. Kay Craigie, N3KN, was elected to a third term as ARRL president. How do you … [Continue reading]

2014 Tech study guide: operating controls

Question T4B12 about the function of automatic gain control was added to this section...Dan To properly operate a transceiver, you need to know how to use the controls. Perhaps the most important transmitter control is microphone gain. If a … [Continue reading]

2014 Tech study guide: station setup

There were two question changes in this section. Question T4A02 was changed from a question about headphones to a question about using computers in the shack. Question T4A05 was changed from a question about band-reject filters to one about using an … [Continue reading]

2014 Tech study guide: RF hazards

In this section, the answer to T0C11 was changed, and T0C12 and T0C13 were added. All good additions, in my opinion...Dan Finally, let’s consider the safety hazards of being exposed to radio waves. When using high power, you are required to … [Continue reading]

2014 Tech study guide: antenna safety

There were no changes to this section that I could find...Dan Antenna safety is also of primary concern. There are two aspects of antenna safety—being safe when installing an antenna and safely operating an antenna. When putting up an antenna … [Continue reading]

Creating Strong Clubs

Being a member of both an amateur radio club and a Rotary club, I often compare the two. One of the things that Rotary International does that the ARRL fails to do is to actually provide their clubs with training and materials on how to make the … [Continue reading]