PIO Tools Available on CD-ROM

From Allen Pitts, W1AGP, ARRL Media and PR Manager:

The Swiss Army Knife for PIOs 2006 edition is available on CD and now there’s also a copy on the internet.

The ‘Knife is a collection of the most used tools, files, and ideas from PIOs around the country. It is the “go to first” place for most of the questions PIOs will have.

Norm Schklar, WA4ZXV, has put the ‘Knife 06 on a website (http://www.wa4zxv.com/sak/sak.htm)! This will allow people who need things in a hurry to get at information. While it is not a replacement for having the disk yourself (the whole idea of the disk was so that people did not have to search through websites or wanted to present parts in a meeting, I definitely DO see it as an answer for people who still have not heard about the ‘Knife and are looking for something immediately.

Actually, the information as well as the entire disk are available there. The site has available the .iso disk image so that you can burn the CD for yourself and for others. Have fun!

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