I recently purchased an iPod Touch. One of the cool things I can do is to subscribe to podcasts. There are podcasts on any number of topics, including ham radio. Here are some of the podcasts I found for free in the iTunes store:

  • SolderSmoke
  • Practical Amateur Radio
  • Resonant Frequency
  • ICQ

And, for the CW-obsessed, theres is QOTD at 20 WPM and QOTD at 5 WPM.

There were some others, but I’m not listing them here because they haven’t had new episodes for quite a while.

To subscribe to these podcasts, I use the iTunes program that came with my Mac. If you use a PC, don’t worry, though. You can get iTunes for the PC now, too.


  1. Dan,
    Here’s some more podcast for you to consider (all on iTunes):

    Amateur Radio Newsline
    This Week in Amateur Radio (TWIAR)

    Not ham radio, but technology related:

    Cranky Geeks (John Dvorak)
    Buzz Out Loud (CNET – computer related)
    SDR News (Slashdot Review….overview of slashdot, digg and reddit)
    This Week in Tech (Leo Laporte and friends)

    73, Bob K0NR

  2. A couple I am not familiar with. Thanks!

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