Pronouns? What is an item about pronouns doing in an amateur radio blog?

Well, the last two three cards that I’ve added to my collection of QSL cards from stations whose callsigns spell words are from:

  • AA3WE
  • W1HIS
  • W4MY


  1. Alan VA2UK says:

    And not just any pronouns, but personal pronouns. ;-)

  2. Ronny, KC5EES says:

    It is a small world. I worked W1HIS this week as well. I turned the radio on during lunch at my high school. I tuned down well into the Extra band and heard him calling CQ. I hate to leave a CQ hanging, so I replied with K5LBJ, our school call.

    As it turns out, Chuck was operating from a 1st grade class in Boston. How neat for his class to reach another school! I spoke with six students about various things and had a delightful time. I also learned that Chuck is a professor at MIT. I’m sure those kids didn’t know (or care) what he did for a living, but maybe they enjoyed their time on the radio. I certainly enjoyed our QSO and will send six cards for the students. What a thrill, perhaps, to be greeted as a second grader with a card from 1700 miles away.

    By the way, I always think of you when I see a callsign that makes a word. My personal favorite that we have on the wall at school is a guy with UFO in his call. Have another with LSD, too.

    Take care and good DX.

    Ronny, KC5EES

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