QSLs – 3/12/11

Here’s a selection of some of my recent QSLs. The first two, from K0BE and VE3SO are for my collection of QSLs from stations whose callsigns spell words. I’m including the card from OM2VL just because it’s from Slovakia, and my XYL likes Mickey Mouse.


  1. Dan N5GX says:

    I follow your posts (e-mails) with great interest, edification and entertainment. Even the QSL cards from hams who’s call sign ends in a word. My wife recently got a new iPad for her 65th b-Day and has become addicted to playing Scrabble on it. Come to find out there are a ton of 2 letter combinations that are ‘officially’ (in the scrabble world) “WORDS”. Armed with the words listed at this web site http://phrontistery.info/scrabble3.html you should surely be able to qualify many more calls as ending a “WORD”. Even your call qualifies. “NU” – the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet.

    Just had to pass that on. Thanks again for the stream of fun and useful info.

    Dan – N5GX

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    Technically, you’re right about many more combinations qualifying as “words,” but they don’t have the same impact as combinations that are common words. Even so, your point is well taken.

    Since we’re talking about QSOs with stations whose callsigns spell words, yesterday I worked EA2CAR. It’s not a word in Spanish, but it still works for me.

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