Dennis, KT8X, really hates QSL cards. Some of that has to do with his battles with the 8th district QSL bureau, but some of it has to do with his dislike of paperwork. I share his dislike of paperwork, but I do like to get QSL cards.

Last Saturday, I got two cards for my collection of QSLs from stations whose callsigns spell words:


I also received an envelope full of QSLs from the FISTS QSL Bureau. I was kind of surprised to find four DX QSLs in the pack, including cards from G3CWW, G3UAA, PA0OI, and PY1MK. There were also 11 U.S. cards in the pack, several with very colorful pictures on them.


  1. Dennis Ward says:

    I should clarify slightly –
    I do enjoy QSL Cards when a rare new country arrrives!
    The latest was FO0/F8UFT on Saturday.
    Those who have sent cards do know that I will reply, no matter how painful :-)
    73 Dennis KT8X

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