Random Links

Here are some more links to websites that ham radio ops will find amusing and/or useful:

  • Climbing a really tall tower. Ever wonder what it’s like to climb a tower nearly 1,800 feet tall? Watch this video.
  • Software for people who build things. Although some of the software on this site is fairly old, it also has an amazingly huge collection of hints and kinks on a wide variety of topics. For example, there is a great tip on how to estimate a tap or drill size.
  • Social networking for hams. Although most hams seem to be anti-social, not all of us are. This is a website for those that aren’t.
  • QRQ CW Info, Ops, and Tips. More social networking, but for hams that like to work CW at high speeds. Most of these guys go a lot faster than I can, but I’m hoping to learn something from them.


  1. Elwood Downey says:

    Ohhh man, I can hardly stand to watch the tower climb, that is an outstanding video. My legs tingle just watching here in my chair, where I will stay, thank you.

  2. Phil B (AB3AW) says:

    WOW, is that first video great! I don’t mind heights, in fact I kinda like em….but this is way over my threshold!

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