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Here are some more stuff from the Internet. I was going to do separate posts on these items, but decided I’m probably not going to get around to doing that, so here they are……….Dan

  • More wired Chinese tuning into amateur radio: Chinese amateurs now number 90,000 and growing. Thanks to KA3DRR.
  • KB2GSD, SK. TWIAR story on Walter Cronkite, KB2GSD, available as MP3 download.
  • Daycounter Engineering Services Engineering Calculators. Ralph, AA8RK sent me the link to this page of engineering calculators, but he gives the credit to Shannon Herron for finding it.
  • Russian Radio. These are apparently electronic versions of the Russian Radio magazine, but I don’t have the Deja Vu viewer needed to open them, nor do I read Russian. :)
  • Old–really old–computers. Fritz, N4JVP, posted a link to the British Computer Conservation Society to the Glowbugs mailing list. The CCS is restoring several 1950s computers that were built using relays and vacuum tubes.


  1. Hi
    to read or ,at least, view the russian magazines you just need to install this plugin

    Have a nice day and 73s from EA


  2. Muchas gracias, Fernando!

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