Reminiscences of the Early Days of the National Contesting Journal (NCJ)

This bounced around several mailing lists before arriving in my inbox. Tod, K0TO, was the founding editor of NCJ from 1972 – 1975. Here’s what he wrote in the original e-mail to the Minnesota Wireless Association:

I was cleaning off files from my computer this morning and ran across a document I had been asked to write for an NCJ issue a few years ago.

I decided to load it on my web page for a brief period of time before it goes off to randomized electron and magnetic domain heaven. It deals with the challenge of editing and producing the NCJ during the first three years of its life [1972-75]. At that point the ARRL Board said I had to ‘retire’ from that job if I wanted to run for ARRL office.

Tod, K0TO

This is interesting stuff. As he notes, personal computers were just starting to be used, and to be honest, they weren’t very useful at that point. And the Internet was still limited to universities.

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