Remote Tuner?

John, WA8ZPN, sent me these two photos of his remote antenna tuner:

WA8ZPN's Remote Antenna Tuner I
WA8ZPN's Remote Antenna Tuner II

My question is whether this device tunes on the fly or what?


  1. Dan,

    Does it work better with the wings fully extended or with them in the retracted position.


    Jim K8ELR

  2. I guess when more birds show up and gather the SWR gets all flocked up!

  3. Ned WB4BKO says:

    You have to wing it. No squawks permitted!

  4. Jim WD8RWI says:

    Maybe it’s using the antenna to send a tweet.

  5. john N0XDX says:

    Feet for mutual inductance. Wing spread for cap effect all done with bird seed and training. Ammonia output for grounding. Looks like the perfect antenna tuner short knowing how to lightening protect it.

    Thankgiving turkey volture be cooked direct or by microwaves sounds good also. Looks like a win/win to me. Yes this is the “perfect antenna tuner”.

    73 ~(:>) bird brain idea I give it a 5 feathers up!

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