Send QSLs More Easily, Define Your Own Contest Log

Here are two items from Jim K8ELR:

  • Global QSL. Global QSL claims to print and send, presumably via QSL bureaus, 100 color QSL cards for $9.90. The unique thing about this service is that it’s a print-on-demand kind of thing. You upload an ADIF file
  • with the QSOs that you want to confirm, and Global QSL takes care of the rest. Pretty cool if it really works.

  • All in One Logger. This is yet another Windows logger. What I like about this program, though, is that you can define your own contests. As much as I like using the N3FJP software, having to download a new program every time I want to work a contest is a drag.


  1. I wonder if ARRL will take these global QSL’s for their awards? Has anyone thought to ask them?



  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    I would think so since they’re printed QSLs……….73, Dan KB6NU

  3. The ARRL has no objection, as these Qsl-cards are not electronic cards , they are real printed ones.
    The qso’s uploaded to GlobalQsl are printed on cards and sent to bureaus all over the world.
    If you upload a Qso that is wrong , you have to pay for it to be printed on a card, and the other side receiving it will not find it in his log. This means he will not respond to it.
    Paul 4X6UU

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