September is National Preparedness Month

I got this from Allen, W1AGP, the ARRL’s Media & PR Manager:

There are only 13 days left until National Preparedness Month (NPM)! If you haven’t done so already, please consider joining the NPM Coalition. More than 2,800 organizations have signed up so far. Help us reach our goal of more than 3,200!

NPM is designed to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities. NPM Coalition membership is open to all public and private sector organizations for free. By joining the Coalition your organization would agree to promote emergency preparedness during the month of September.  Once you register you will receive access to the NPM Web site where you can find a toolkit that includes templates, resources, and tips to assist you with promoting emergency preparedness. You will also find an NPM calendar where you can post your events and see what other organizations are doing in your community.  In addition, can share your success stories and read about the successes of others.

You can register to become an NPM Coalition Member by visiting To learn more about NPM, visit and click on the NPM banner.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Ready Campaign at

Allen added:

The DHS National Preparedness Month program is a natural for any ARES group.  The easy part is that you probably don’t have to do anything more than what you are already involved in – just get recognition for it!  If your group hasn’t done so already, sign up and let them know what you are doing and have done for your community.  There’s a special section just for signing up Amateur Radio groups.  (That happened after a couple years ago when we totally swamped them with all the things hams were doing.  They got a fast “education” :-)

While you are there, take a look at all the free Ready Campaign promotional things available for groups that have signed up.

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