ShackBox is an all-in-one CD for amateur radio operators. Shackbox claims to include programs that will allow you to:

  • control rigs and scanners,
  • design antennas,
  • design PCBs,
  • etc., etc. etc.

The feature that attracted my attention is that it will run on Macs. Unfortunately, it only runs on the newer Intel Macs, and I only have an old G4 in the shack.


  1. hi KB6NU
    thx a lot for supporting shackbox !!
    it touch me right in the heart.
    the final version gonna be released soon, called shackbox carbon edition
    video preview available here it s in test atm for be sure that it s bug free.
    that ll be the first stable version, very much improved.
    for not miss the release date, i invite you to suscribe to the newsletter on ,should be out within a week!
    best regards

  2. Very nice pointer, thanks! I was impressed that it worked with my Macintosh. I had a problem with the keyboard mapping defaulting to French, but the forums at quickly set me straight. I’m going to be keeping my eye on it for the final version. The version I got was still a little clunky for me, but it appears usable and is definitely a huge step in the right direction for this sort of thing.

  3. linuxiac38 says:

    Need to get the P2P sharing torrent up and running! NOT found on my favorite P2P download site, The Pirate Bay!

    Torrents are a fantastic way to spare the servers, and private individuals!

    My favorite HAM distro WAS our club built one, on Puppy Linux, with FLdig, and more…

    Downloading Shackbox right now… Then will make a torrent and distribute it!

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