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From Terry, WA0ITP, via the mailing list:

Do you need an enclosure slightly larger than an Altoids tin? Would you like to see your project after building it, instead of hiding it? If so, this enclosure is for you! This is an Altoids tin on steroids. Check it out here.

One of these nifty enclosures is used to house the demo model of our very successful Enhanced Manhattan Islander Audio Amp. It shows off the K8IQY design and K3PEG’s EM Template nicely.

Introduced at OzarkCon 2009 in Branson to gage the acceptance of the clear top, our entire stock sold out! It’s obvious that this enclosure fills a niche in enclosure size and style, so we’ve added to our product line.

The dimensions are: 5.5″W x 3.7″L x .9″H, making it ideal for the many projects that are just a little too large for an Altoids® or Whitmans® Tin. The top is hinged just like the Altoids, and it is a food grade container.

Please place your order soon as these will sell quickly.
I love this radio stuff !
72, 73 Terry, WAØITP

I just ordered three for myself…….Dan


  1. You can also buy them for $1.05 + shipping from Specialty Bottle if you don’t feel like supporting OzarkCon or if they run out. I calculated shipping to California, and it was $4.95, so you’d want to buy multiple.

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