Simple Surface Mount Projects

Chuck, W5USJ, has posted three simple projects to get you started in using surface-mount devices (SMDs). They include:

  • a version of the QRPme Two Tin Tuna (TTT2) transmitter,
  • the PK-DC Keyer, and
  • an RF Probe.

Chuck has a PC board layout for each of these simple projects and describes how to fabricate the PC board as well. Very good work, Chuck!


  1. Dan KB6NU says:

    QRPme.Com is now offering a kit version for the RF Probe. Chuck, W5USJ, says in a message to the mailing list:

    There really is an SMT RF Probe from being sold for a shipped price of $6.00.

    Note that unless you know the exact impedance of your meter, no simple RF probe will provide accurate readings. You will have a neat tool for measuring relative RF voltage is your QRP circuits though. The supplied scaling resistor is adequate for most circuit sniffing.

    Rex used my Surface Mount Project RF Probe and made it into a very nice simple kit. The kit includes the following features.

    • Two-sided PCB using 1/32 FR-4 in a neat blue color
    • Plated through holes, tinned pads and silk screened markings
    • The 3 surface mount parts are the input capacitor, diode and scaling resistor.
    • About as simple a surface mount project as you can find that is also useful

    A pin from a header can be used for the probe contact. Connection wires can be fashioned from Radio Shack clip leads. Or use a hookup scheme of your choice.

    Rex’s webpage includes a link to an assembly drawing for the probe. The drawing also includes info and ideas for adjusting the scaling resistor for more accurate measurements. Check it out. (The drawing has a w5usj byline.)

    I think I’m going to buy two of them.

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