Slideshow: The History of Radio in Pictures

From the 11/5/09 IEEE Tech Alert:

The American Museum of Radio and Electricity, located in Bellingham, Wash., contains a unique collection of interactive galleries and artifacts. The museum shares photographs from their new book, Where Discovery Sparks Imagination: A Pictorial History of Radio and Electricity. View photos of a rare multibulb Geissler tube, a Volta canon, a combination Oudin/Tesla coil, and many more antique electronics.

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The translucent beauty of the ones in the Atwater Kent Number 4333 “Compact” Receiver is so great as to render its functionality almost superfluous—which is a good thing. Shortly after this device was introduced in September 1923, the range of U.S. broadcast frequencies was expanded, rendering it almost useless. Today the 4333 is highly prized by vintage radio collectors.


  1. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I want one :-)

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