Space Station QSO a Success

Thanks to Ig, N0EFT, and his crew:

  • Tim, WA8VTD, back up radio operator;
  • Steve, KB9UPS, ARISS mentor and antenna and az/el rotor operator;
  • Olivia, KC8VGH, who handled the microphone and kids; and
  • Candy. KD8IPC, who made the initial contact and helped with the kids;

yesterday’s Space Station contact from the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum was a success. Despite the low orbit (21 degrees), the contact lasted nearly nine minutes and they were able to ask 14 questions.

I hope to post video later, but in the meantime, here are a couple of news stories:

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  1. Ronny Risinger says:

    Congratulations on making contact with the ISS. I’m sure you had a great time. I certainly sympathize with the nervousness expressed in the news article. When you get closer and closer to “go time,” you really want to make sure that everything is in place (computers/radios/antennas/projectors/kids….).

    Be sure to put together an exhibit board with the articles and a few pictures from the contact. You really want people to be able to see what can be done apart from just the stereotype of Morse Code. Of course, you want to display your NA1SS QSL card once you receive it. (Don’t forget to request one for everyone that participated, including yourself!)

    Again, great job for both Amateur Radio and the Museum.

    Ronny, KC5EES
    Austin, Tx

  2. Great idea about putting together some kind of display documenting the contact. I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks!

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