Strange QSO

I just had a strange sequence of events occur on 40m CW.

I called CQ on 7.030 MHz. No one came back right away, but after monitoring for a minute I heard K9CGD call CQ. So, I answered his call. Well, as soon as I finished calling him, AA1LL calls me.

I asked AA1LL to stand by and then called K9CGD, who unfortunately either disappeared or had not heard me. I then called AA1LL again, but in the meantime, he disappeared.

Then, I hear XE3HRP calling CQ. I returned his call and had a nice QSO. It’s too bad we couldn’t have all worked the Mexican station.


  1. That is strange. I’ve never had a QSO like that before. My age is 13 and I haven’t had any strange QSOs. Yet. I appreciate your website.


  2. Thanks for the non QSO. This happens sometimes but only recently due to the internet have people been aware of it. The question is, does one send a QSL card for a NON QSO? Or does one make up a separate NON-QSL card for them.

    73, Paul, AA1LL

  3. Well, I got you in the log, Paul, and I do count it as a QSO. :)

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