More QSLs: WD9GUT, 9A2NO

During our QSO, I asked Jim, WD9GUT, if he would QSL. He seemed reluctant, even after I explained that I collected QSL cards from stations whose callsigns spelled words. After a little pressing, he confessed that he didn’t have any QSL cards. I sent him my QSL anyway, and included the card you see below. It’s a blank QSL, and I wrote Jim’s callsign on the front and the QSO details on the back.

As you can see, it has the RCA logo on it. Many years ago, RCA gave out these cards as a promotional item to electronics engineers who were also amateur radio operators. I got a pack of 100, and still have probably 90 of the 100.



This card from 9A2NO is for a QSO we had back in October 2011. Sorry to say, but I have no recollection of this QSO. I do like the birds, though. I searched for this bird using Google’s “search by image feature, and apparently this bird is Moroccan. Of course, it may migrate north to Croatia in the summertime.