Ham Monitors Libyan “Psyops” Campaign

An Australian newspaper reports that a Dutch amateur has been monitoring and Twittering about the Libyan military campaign, specifically an operation. The article starts:

A DUTCH ham radio operator has been able to learn about a psychological US special forces operation undertaken as part of an international military campaign designed to establish a no-fly zone over Libya.

Listening to his radio, this ham operator from the Netherlands was able to monitor radio exchanges between civilian and military flights in the region and make his findings public on his Twitter account @FMCNL.

Hunched over his radio, he listens in on unencrypted exchanges among military aircraft and their air traffic control centres.

The messages contain information about the location of the planes, which is necessary to avoid collisions between military and civilian aircraft.

You can read the entire article at http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/ham-operator-reveals-us-psyops-broadcast/story-e6frfku0-1226025610252#ixzz1HKwuV0Ur.

IW5EDI lists some of the HF frequencies used in the campaign, including:

  • 4169 kHz
  • 4196 kHz
  • 6690 kHz – Several players over No-Fly Zone
  • 6688 kHz – French Air Force
  • 6712 kHz – Mixed Use; Several Players
  • 6761 kHz – Global Aerial Refueling Operations
  • 6877 kHz – Reported PsyOps
  • 5368 kHz – Libyan GMMRA ALE Network
  • 6884 kHz – Libyan GMMRA ALE Network
  • 9375 kHz – Libyan GMMRA ALE Network
  • 10125 kHz – Libyan GMMRA ALE Network
  • 10404 kHz – Libyan GMMRA ALE Network
  • 9031.0 kHz USB – RAF frequency… very active while writing.

He notes, “I’ve found these frequencies mentioned on some yahoo groups dedicated to milcom (military radio communications), but we know that all important communications are encripted and use satellite. So dont’ expect to hear any interesting communication.”