A Column for Your Newsletter

In December 2007, a friend of mine took over as newsletter editor for the Livingston (County) Amateur Radio Klub (LARK) and asked if I would be interested in submitting a regular column to their newsletter. Well, that sounded like work, so my first thought was to pass on that offer, but I realized that I do like writing about ham radio, so I accepted.

Then, it occurred to me that if LARK found my column valuable, other clubs might, too. So, I made up a list of newsletter editors from the ARRL Big List and e-mailed all the clubs in Michigan. When a number of them thanked me for my offer, I extended the invitation to clubs in Ohio and Kentucky, and then to any and all ham radio clubs out there. The upshot is that there are now about 350 clubs (as of June 1, 2014) who have either already started running my column or will be shortly.

The way this works is that towards the end of each month, I’ll send you 300-500 words on some aspect of amateur radio. Some columns may be edited version of blog items; others will be original material.

There’s no obligation to run a particular column. If you have room and you think the material is appropriate, feel free to do so. If you’re tight on space in a particular issue, or you just don’t like what I wrote, don’t run the column. I won’t feel offended.

To get on the distribution list, use this online form.