NASA TV Features NA1SS Aboard the Space Station

A video released on November 23, 2011 features ISS Expedition 25 commander Col. Doug Wheelock, KF5BOC, oeprating NA1SS aboard the space station. This is a really great video. Not only do you get a view of the ham radio station in action, you also get a mini-tour of the space station.

One the things I found amusing about the first part of the video is that you can see Wheelock floating around while he’s explaining how he works the pileups. When he actually does start operating, you can hear how many calls they get up there. They really have be good operators to pull the stations out of all the QRM.

Diana, KC2UHB, Does It Again

Diana, KC2UHB does it again, coming up with a roll-up yagi for satellite communication.

Who’d have thought that sewing would be an essential skill for homebrewers?