How to use an oscilloscope

updated 3/15/12

On the Elecraft mailling list, there was a request for help finding an oscilloscope tutorial. Since this is right up my alley–I’ve written for Test&Measurement World magazine for a zillion years–I thought I’d do a little research.

A Google search turned up a bunch of online tutorials. When I first posted this in 2004, one of the tutorials that I liked was Unfortunately that website is no longer online. Instead, go to YouTube, and have a look at How to use an oscilloscope, a video produced by two young Tektronix engineers┬áthat explains the basics of a scope’s vertical and horizontal controls and triggering.

Another tutorial that I liked is an article from the American QRP Club website. Written by Paul Harden, NA5N, this long article explains not only how scopes work, but also how to check and calibrate a scope that you may have purchased at a hamfest. Very useful info.