Operating Notes: Twitter encourages CW operation?

I just finished a QSO with John, KR4RO. What is remarkable about this QSO is that it probably would not have occurred if we hadn’t first made contact on Twitter. John, who is @kr4ro on Twitter, and he and I follow one another there. Apparently, he saw my tweet (a tweet is a message posted to Twitter) that I was calling CQ on 7026 kHz and waited for my QSO with Vin, W1IDL to end and then called me.

John mentioned that he hadn’t been on CW for quite some time, and that he was kind of nervous. He did just fine, though, and I was very flattered that he would go out of his way like that to contact me.

I think more hams should use Twitter. It could open up a whole new world for hams. And, as my QSO tonight proves, it can even encourage some to get on CW, and as we all know, we can never have enough CW ops on the air. If  you already use Twitter, please follow me there. I’ll be certain to follow you back.

Speaking of W1IDL, my QSO with Vin was remarkable on several counts. First of all, there must have been some weird short skip going on because he was 599 plus 20 dB here in Ann Arbor, even though he was located barely 50 miles away.

Secondly, it was notable because we had such a great conversation, even though this was our first QSO. Right off the bat, he started asking me questions about Ann Arbor and what I did here. I looked him up on QRZ.Com and found out that he was also a Rotarian and asked him about the club he belonged to. All in all, it was a memorable QSO.