TAPR announces Digital Communications Conference details

Where: Atlanta, GA Sheraton Gateway Hotel Atlanta Airport 1900 Sullivan Road Atlanta, GA 30337

When: September 21 – 23, 2012

Website: www.tapr.org/dcc

Technical / Introductory Sessions Schedule http://www.tapr.org/pdf/DCC_2012_Schedule.pdf

Technical Sessions Friday – Saturday: Introductory Sessions

Saturday Night Banquet Speaker & Topic: http://www.tapr.org/dcc#banquet
DCC Saturday Night Banquet Speaker will be Bdale Garbee, KB0G talking about the “Sharing the Joy of Making.

Sunday Morning Seminar Speaker & Topic: http://www.tapr.org/dcc#seminar
DCC Sunday Morning Seminar will be a hands-on tutorial using Gnuradio  to design and implement software defined radios on your laptop presented by Tom Rondeau, KB3UKZ, the leader of the Gnuradio project.

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