Tell Your Ham Radio Stories on HamRadioStoryProject.Com

For a long time, I’ve had the idea to set up a website to capture ham radio stories. Well, I’ve finally done it. The Ham Radio Story Project is now online!

This website was inspired by the Story Corps, which was itself inspired by NPR’s National Story Project. Basically, the idea is to capture personal stories of how amateur radio has touched lives, either the lives of amateur radio operators themselves, or of the people that we serve.

If you have a great story about ham radio, I want to hear about it and to publish it on HamRadioStoryProject.Com. If you want to tell the story yourself, I’ll add you as an author. If you would like some help, let me know, and I’ll contact you and either write the story myself, or find someone else to help you.

I don’t want to lose another great story because there isn’t a place to tell it. HamRadioStoryProject.Com is the place to tell it.

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