Test Your Hearing Online

Hearing is very important for ham radio operators. Knowing how well you hear—and taking the appropriate steps to correct any deficiencies—could help you become a better operator.

Personally, I used to have really great hearing when I was younger, but as I’ve gotten older, I can tell that my hearing has dropped off. Thankfully, this decline hasn’t been dramatic, but it is noticeable.

In his latest column, Rich Pell, of Audio DesignLine, lists four websites that can help you evaluate your hearing. They include:

  • a high-frequency response and hearing test,
  • a test to measure the relative sensitivity of your ears to different frequencies,
  • a test to measure your ability to hear int he presence of noise, and
  • a test for tone deafness.

He notes, “The best results will only be obtained using a decent pair of headphones under quiet conditions.”

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