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I received this a couple of weeks ago from Larry, WB8R, our section manager. If you live in MI, please consider helping out….Dan


Please review and give consideration to the following from our  Section Emergency Coordinator/Section Traffic Manager, John  McDonough, WB8RCR:

With rapid changes in technology, increasing recognition by FEMA of the value of amateur radio, and an increasingly close relationship with the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division of the Michigan State Police, the demands on ARPSC are increasing rapidly.

To address these pressures, we need to recruit additional volunteers to take the lead in a number of areas, as well as fill some more traditional vacancies.

The following are areas where we know we have a current need:

Net Manager, Michigan Traffic Net – Duties include recruiting net controls and liaisons, monthly reporting, improving the operation of the net. This is a formal Section level appointment.

Digital Relay Station – Take traffic from NTS Digital and relay it to legacy nets. Area Digital Coordinator can provide training and equipment. The ideal candidate could take traffic to CW as well as phone nets. This is an Area level appointment.

Assistant STM Admin – Need a person to take reports and enter into the section database. Potentially also prepare report to headquarters. Mostly clerical but some database skills would be helpful. Most reports are received as radiograms so the candidate should be comfortable with HF traffic handling.

Project Manager, NTS Modernization – Requires the ability to manage a project to interface the Section’s VHF digital network to NTSD. Also work with ASM Digital to strengthen the VHF network. Strong network skills needed, some programming skills would be helpful. The candidate will need strong persuasive skills. The major requirement here, though, is the ability to manage a project. The candidate would likely recruit the assistance of various experts, although some level of network skill is required to even understand the problem.

SEOC Operators – We badly need a cadre of operators who can help at the State EOC. Requires excellent operating skills, passing a background check, willingness to take IS 700, 100, 200, 800, 300 and 400 as well as REP101. Ideally can get to the SEOC for operation in a reasonable amount of time 24×7, although candidates further away could operate later operational periods. General class or higher, able to operate HF and VHF Phone, CW and NBEMS from the SEOC. Packet familiarity would be a plus.

ASEC SEOC Alternate – The SEC currently has only one official alternate, at least one additional is required. Candidate should be close to Lansing, willing to make critical decisions with uncertain data, able to present AuxComm status to the SEOC in a concise, professional manner. Requires passing a background check, willingness to take IS 700, 100, 200, 800, 300 and 400 as well as REP101. Intimate familiarity with MICIMS is needed. This position involves little to no on-the-air operation. This is a Section level appointment.

MBO – We would like to have an MBO in Michigan. Ideally we would place this at the SEOC but that is not entirely necessary. Candidate would manage the MBO, checking periodically that traffic is flowing. Requires the ability to put up a multi-band automated station operating 24×7 with a Pactor II or better modem. If the MBO is located at the SEOC, we may be able to arrange grant funding to equip the station. Will work with ADC and multiple DRSs. This is an Area level appointment.

Data Architect – Candidate would interview Section and State officials to develop a data architecture for the Section. Data architecture background required. Important: This is not a database design exercise, data architects understand the difference.

ASTM Exercises – Developing exercises is very challenging, even though we only do two a year. Incorporating NTS into those exercises is even more challenging. We not only require more manpower to develop exercises, but should have someone who can focus on making those exercises more meaningful to NTS. In addition to IS 120, 130 and 139, candidate must become familiar with the UTL and the needs of the served agencies. Must work closely with the SEC and the ASEC for Training and Exercises.

Section level appointments require ARRL membership in good standing, basic IS courses, approval by the SM. Area level appointments require ARRL membership in good standing, approval by the Area chair.

Please contact me if you can help in any of these areas, even if helping means restructuring some of these thoughts.

73 de WB8RCR
As our involvement increases with the Michigan State Police Department of Homeland Security, we find that our level of required sophistication increases as well. This is not your grandfather’s ARPSC any longer. If you have the talents that John is looking for and are looking for a challenge and an opportunity to help out, please contact him at If you have questions, comments, suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact him as well.

Thank you for your consideration.


Larry, WB8R
Michigan Section Manager

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