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No Nonsense Tech Study GuideI’ve been sending out a “press release” of sorts about the print versions of my amateur radio license study guides to various “maker” blogs, electronics hobbyist blogs, and even electronics engineering blogs. In the press release, I cavalierly said, “It’s helped thousands either get their ham radio licenses or upgrade their licenses.”

I was pretty sure that I was right about that, but to be honest, I hadn’t really checked to make sure. Heck, I wasn’t even really sure if I could confirm that number. Then, it hit me. I could see what Google Analytics had to say about it.

Well, Google Analytics backed me up (whew!). According to the statistics, from 8/11/2010 to 8/10/2011, the No-Nonsense, Technician Class License Study Guide was downloaded 3,007 times. In that same time period, the No-Nonsense, General Class License Study Guide was downloaded 1,886 times.

That’s even more than I’d anticipated.  I guess I’m doing something right. :)


  1. Nick, KD8IPE says:

    Hey, it finally convinced me to jump in, so I guess it worked! I passed the Tech and the General with your help.

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