TI Makes a Run At Arduino

TI LaunchpadOn the AMRAD Tacos mailing list, Andre, N4ICK writes, “Who couldn’t use one of these?” One of these happens to be the Texas Instruments’ Launchpad, a development platform for their low-cost line of microcontrollers. The kicker is that they’re selling this puppy for only $4.30.

According to the Hack a Day blog post:

Each Launchpad device comes with a whole lot of goodness. In addition to the board itself you get a 0.5 meter USB cable, two pin headers and two pin sockets for the pin breakout pads, two different MSP430 microprocessors (MSP430G2211 and MSP430G2231), and two free IDEs; Code Composer Studio 4 and IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart (note that the latter has a 4K or 8K code limitation depending on the processor used).

Sounds pretty cool to me.


  1. Mikey, WB8ICN says:

    Thanks Dan for the new TI eval board info. Just ordered a couple to play with…will let you know how it turns out.

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