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If your in the school of thought that mobile phone mast RF will cook your mind… check this out and begin to worry:


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A link to a NTS Themed Newsletter :…


  1. Larry Koziel says:

    If someone’s really worried about whether all that mobile phone “RF will cook your mind,” then it might be wise to avoid this solution lest they experience the effects of the 20 dB of amplification at 1.2 GHz or the 30 dB at 1.2 GHz:

    I received this link earlier this week from ex-Ann Arborite Dan Whitlow K8YUM, who is currently on the staff at the radio telescope at Arecibo.

    Larry K8MU

  2. Dave, N8SBE says:

    Actually, I’ve been talking up the idea of Google Glass for RF. Imagine being able to view all the RF bouncing around. Of course, you’d likely want to filter out various bands, but consider the possibilities!

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