Upgrade Your Old Radio

Hank, K8DD, posted this information (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) to the Second Class Operator’s Club:

Now is the time to upgrade your old radio.

In an effort to further revive the weak economy, the government announced that it started a new Cash for Radio Clunkers program on August 3. The program is aimed at members of the Amateur Radio Service, also known as ham radio operators. Operators with transceivers with less than 80 db Blocking Dynamic Range (2 kHz spacing) will be eligible to trade in their old units (which must be crushed) for new transceivers and will receive a credit based upon the improved BDR. Improvements of 20 dB are eligible for $100 credit and 40dB or better are eligible for $200.

Operators must be currently licensed and must show proof of purchase of the old transceiver, which must be in working order. Tube transceivers are deemed to be museum pieces and not eligible for this program. See your retailer for further details.

This program will expire April 1, 2010


  1. Hank is a little devil :)

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