Using Op Amps for Small-Signal Audio Designs

EE Times has started running a series of articles on using op amps as audio amplifiers. Taken from the book, Small Signal Audio Design, Part 1 discusses the history of op amps and then looks at various op amp properties from a perspective of audio design. Looks pretty interesting to me.


  1. Funny you mention EE Times. I just saw this yesterday. :-)

    So many toys vying for affection
    Do ham radio operators make good engineers or do good engineers make ham radio operators? Either way, the profession and the hobby go hand-in-hand in an investigation as to why my father’s toys were destroying each other. “Son, it’s time to pay for some of that college education!” My father spends a considerable amount of time with his ham radio hobby. Over the years he has created an elaborate station composed of a room full of radios and a backyard full of antennas. Together the equipment can operate most frequencies from DC to light.

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