Voodoo Magician Repairs PCs Telepathically

Andre, N4ICK, posted this to the AMRAD mailing list. It’s just too juicy to pass up:

Repair PCs Telepathically


 New in Nice: repair of your PC by telepathy
Mamadou N’guéyé
Authentic Voodoo magician, this sorcerer, known the world-over, will repair your PC by means of telepathy, so that you won’t have to come to him.
His power is such that he will be able to fix defective sectors of your hard-disk.
He also remotely treats cancer, male erection problems, and he will make your (female) neighbor in love with you.
Payment in advance, € 100   Results are guaranteed.
Telephone 04 13 73 66

I wonder if he also repairs Heathkits.


  1. Mike Zydiak W2MJZ says:

    This is significant, and I do wish to commend KB6NU for keeping the rest of us informed on cutting edge information such as this.

    At this very moment I am reaching out to Mamadou N’guéyé in order to inquire if he could telepathically restore the faded CRT of one of my old HP-8568B Spectrum Analyzers.

    Mike Zydiak W2MJZ

  2. Mamadou N’guéyé says:

    Oh most esteemed and venerable amateur radio operator from two land.

    It is with great sadness and grieving heart that, although I do have extraordinary powers known the world over, the ability to telepathically restore your vintage HP CRT is far beyond even the great powers that I possess.

    Perhaps an offering of three broiled lobster tails, a large baked potato with sour cream and fresh cut chive, and a well chilled dry white might be pleasing to the “radio spirits” , along with an over voltage zap to the CRT heater to help drive out the evil demons that possess your HP Spectrum Analyzer.

    Your humble servant…
    Mamadou N’guéyé

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