WA2HOM: Championship Contest Station?

In the mail today, I received something totally unexpected—a certificate proclaiming WA2HOM to be the first place finisher in the multi-operator, single-transmitter category of the 2011 CQ World Wide WPX contest.

CQ WPX Certificate

With such a low score, I don’t supposed that we had many competitors in that category, but it’s still pretty cool.


  1. If I recall correctly, they had added a number of new multi categories last year, although I thought it was just to split the multis into low/high power categories. Your certificate doesn’t specify a power category, so maybe not.

    Anyway, congratulations. It’s always nice to get a piece of wallpaper for the station. And, at least, you can tell folks you earned it, instead of all the freebies the ARRL sent Tim the Toolman.

  2. Thanks, Dave.

    As it turns out, we were the only one in that category in the 8th call area. Even so, as you say, it is pretty cool to get some more wallpaper for the station.

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