We operated from our new station location yesterday, Saturday, 11/22/08. Thanks to Jim K8ELR, Pat W8LNO (who’s now our head crimper), Michelle KD8GWX, Ovide W1GXE, and Steve WB8WSF for helping out.

Of course, we had some problems. For example, something’s fishy with the antennas. The SWR on the 40m antenna was 3.0:1 at 7.000 MHz and went up from there. The SWR on the 20m antenna was even higher. So, we’re going to have to organize an antenna party to get up on the roof and see what’s going on.

We also don’t have an Internet connection yet, either, and we need more signage as well. But, all of these things are being worked on, and in due course, we’ll be all set up.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Steve, WB8WSF at the HF operating position. That’s our new Ten-Tec Omni VII on the desk.

Jim, K8ELR, holding down the fort.

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