Wayne Green is Alive and Well, and as Feisty as Ever

Wayne Green, W2NSDYou gotta love Wayne Green. If anyone can be called “iconoclastic,” it’s him.

Most hams know him as the publisher of 73 magazine, but he’s probably more well-known for the computer magazines he founded. He practically invented the computer magazine, and back in the 80s and 90s, the computer books were thick. One issue in 1982, Byte, one of the many computer magazines he started, had more than 800 pages!

Robert L. Mitchell recently interviewed Green for Computerworld magazine. The interview shows him to be as feisty (crazy?) as ever. He is currently into aletrnative health and cold fusion, of all things. He says,

I’m pushing my book The Secret Guide to Health, which explains how you can cure any illness with no drugs. You don’t need pharmaceuticals at all if you don’t make yourself sick. If your immune system is strong, nothing bothers you. And you have a strong immune system if you don’t put poisons in your body. It’s that simple.

He’s already 86, and claims a psychic once told him he’ll live to be 120. His motto used to be “Never Say Die” (taken from his callsign W2NSD). Who knows? He may just do that.


  1. Scott Currier says:

    Yeah, Wayne is unique, I met him at a ham club meeting in Nashua back in the mid 80’s after he gave a talk.

    He’s a character, I miss his editorials in 73. They alone were worth the price of the subscription. Fortunately I was given a whole load of back issues from the 70’s and before and went through them all.

    I hope he does live to be 120. Knowing him, he’ll do it.

    Wonder if he’s still on the air.

    I worked him on St. Pierre, maybe I’ll give him a call and see if he still has the logs and would send me a QSL.

    I had called to order a book some years ago and he answered the phone himself and took the order.

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