What do you think about my retro QSL design?

About a year ago, I blogged about possibly coming up with a retro design for my next QSL card. Well, despite my best intentions, that project languished.

Last night, though, I worked WA1ISA, who mentioned that he reads this blog. He mentioned that he really liked the K5PEA QSL and that he had a QSL collection of his own. He collects QSL cards from the 1920s. Well, that gave me a little nudge to finish my retro QSL design. Here it is:


I’m not really quite satisfied with it, but not being a graphics designer, I’m not really sure what it’s missing. Any thoughts?

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  1. Bill - KU8K says:

    I like the idea of a retro QSL card, but I’m not graphic designer either. Although I did Google “old qsl cards” and got some great inspiration. I get so many QSL cards that are very plain and boring, it’s great to see some thought put into the design. I will say that the printer I used for my cards did a great job of helping me with the design. It’ll be great to see the final design.

  2. Anthony - WR3T says:

    My biggest issue is finding someone to print the cards that make them look authentic. Modern glossy paper and printing processes still leave something to be desired for that old time look.

    • I forget which printer I had contacted about this, but he seemed more than happy to use the appropriate kind of card stock. I doubt that he had any kind of letterpress equipment though. Having said that, if I really wanted to get crazy about that, I could print my own here in Ann Arbor. We have a group called BoundEdition, which is a “membership-based community studio for book arts, letterpress, and related trades.” Heck, maybe I could even come up with a few designs and offer to print up small batches for other hams. Hmmmmmm. :)

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