What Kind of Ham Are You?

Tim, N9PUZ, writes to the HamRadioHelpGroup:

Over the weekend I was catching up on some reading and sorting through archived emails, etc. I came across this article by Steve Roberts N4RVE. Steve has moved on to some really high-tech sail boats now but at one time he rode bicycles loaded with ham gear [[and computers...Dan]] on a 17,000 mile trek around the US from 1983 to 1991.

In this article—first written in 1988 and updated in 2004&mdahs;he describes the different types of Hams he has met during his journeys.

So, what kind of ham are you? I find that I’m a little bit of each one of the types that N4RVE writes about.


  1. John Smithson says:

    I would be “The Sportsman”, “The Social Animal”, and “The World Citizen”.

  2. David Brodbeck N8SRE says:

    That’s a great article. It explains the varied appeal of amateur radio more succinctly than anything else I’ve read.

  3. Love it. I’ve shared that article with our club, because I suspect we have them all!

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