What the ham radio world needs

On Google+, Frank, W2FDB wrote: “Looking for a cross platform call logging application. One that can be used on an Android mobile system as well as on a desktop.” As someone who uses both Macs and PCs, and who is contemplating purchasing an Android tablet, I also think that this would be a good thing for ham radio.

This got me to thinking about other gadgets or software that we need in ham radio. For example, I think that we need an entry-level microwave setup. The ham radio frequency bands most vulnerable to takeover by other services/interest are the UHF and microwave bands. An entry-level setup that’s easy for a beginner to purchase and use would go a long way to increasing our use of those bands.

Can you think of any other gadgets or software that would be good for ham radio?


  1. An entry level microwave set up would be a great suggestion for Heathkit as it look for ideas for its ham radio product line development. Should be a good fit for the company’s original intent for getting back into kits and that is education. Both new and not-so-new hams could benefit.

    73, Jamie KL7WP

    • Someone else e-mailed me with that suggestion, too. I like the idea, but don’t know if the new Heathkit has microwave expertise. I hope they’re reading this, though.

  2. Jamie KL7WP says:

    I sent Heathkit an E-mail making the suggestion. Hope you and others do so as well.

  3. 1. A cross-platform logging and contest program that is comparable to HRD and N1MM
    2. An open de-centralized HF and VHF messaging (instant messaging and email) platform.
    3. A cheap microwave/UHF TCP/IP data radio that is capable of mesh networking, and FCC rules to actually make it usable.
    4. An updated Yaesu FT-817 with lower power consumption and a better receiver, and a matching 100W amplifier.
    5. An open codec and multi-vendor oriented D-STAR successor.

  4. Number 4 — check out the Elecraft KX3 (Google for pix and discussion). Orders will be taken soon.

  5. Yea, I’m aware of the KX3. :-) I’ve decided not to buy one at this time. I’m not really fond of the packaging.

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