Whiskey Festival to Host Not One, but Three(!) Special Event Stations

I love this story. Normally, you can barely work up enough interest to man a single special event station, but the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival will host three of them….Dan

Amateur radio enthusiasts set to run Speyside special

The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival is set to feature three special amateur radio stations broadcasting to the world.

By Stuart Crowther
12 April 2011 08:00 BST

It might seem strange in the days of instant communication around the world, but the spirit of the radio communication pioneers lives on.

Amateur Radio is still very much alive and well – and living in Moray, as will be noted during the Speyside Whisky Festival at the end of this month.

Amateur, or ‘Ham Radio’ as it is often known, has not been entirely left behind by the march of technology.

While communicating via Morse code lives on in the world of Amateur Radio, devotees of the hobby are equally at home using modern digital communication methods.

It is however their more traditional methods of talking to the world that will be employed by the Moray Firth Amateur Radio Society when they set up three ‘special event’ stations during the Speyside Whisky Festival.

The stations will be set up and controlled by operators from throughout Moray, with the Craigellachie, Strathisla and Glenfarclas distilleries hosting the radio communications gear and its operators throughout the Festival.

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