Why QRP?

On the QRP-L.Org mailing list, there’s been some discussion about why people become QRPers. Here’s the list so far:

  1. High power is too easy. These folks enjoy the challenge of QRP.
  2. There are restrictions on antennas where they live.
  3. They’re tree huggers who want to conserve energy.
  4. They like to build their own equipment.
  5. They’re too cheap to buy high-power gear.
  6. They’re campers or hikers and like to take ham gear along with them.
  7. They blew up their finals and are too lazy to get the rig fixed.

Rick, KC0PET opined, “I am a tree hugger. Every time I climb a tree to hang a QRP antenna, I hug
the tree…keeps me from falling.” I’d add a #8: QRPers are more fun to hang out with than the QRO guys.


  1. Andy Bullington says:

    While I have nothing against QRP and think it is a wonderful addition to the hobby etc. I do have a bone to pick with #1 in the above list: “High power is too easy.” Hmmm…I usually run 80-90 watts into a 380 foot loop and get pretty good reports. Seems to me….maybe it’s the cynicism born of old age….when I work a QRP station (at least 3 or 4 times a week) its me doing all the work, twiddling knobs trying to fight the QSB and QRN and pull that faint little 3-5 watt signal in while the QRP station gets armchair copy from me! I’m always suspicious of any claim that something is “too easy”!! Too easy for who, is the question.
    With tongue mostly in cheek, Andy W1AWB

  2. Good point. I had a similar idea a couple of years ago. See http://kb6nu.com/im-all-for-qrp-but/.

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