Yaesu, Motorola Split

Yaesu: The Radio

This is the new logo for Yaesu Musen.

In a letter dated 12/27/11, Jun Hasegawa, president and CEO of Vertex Standard, has announced that the company is ending its four-year-old joint venture with Motorola. The letter states,

…we have┬ádecided┬áto transfer the Vertex Standard LMR business to Motorola and focus on Amateur, Marine and Air-band business. The effective date for this reorganization will be January 1, 2012.

Other details include:

  • The name of the company will revert to Yaesu Musen.
  • The company will be wholly-owned by the founder’s family.
  • The name of the operation in the U.S. will be Yaesu USA, and there will be no change in management or in address and phone numbers.



  1. I don’t find this surprising. I used to work in the LMR business years ago and Yaesu/Standard were small players in that arena. I don’t really keep track anymore but at the time it was Motorola and then everyone else, GE, Johnson, etc fighting for a slice. It’s probably tougher now that most of the LMR stuff is trunked systems.

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