ZLW a “Communication Lifeline” for Ships Serving New Zealand

On the 100th anniversary of the establishment of ZLW, the Wellington maritime radio station, Radio New Zealand broadcast this documentary. It features an interview with Clyde Drummond, One of the first operators. Drummond reminisced about ZLW’s role in World War I.

It also includes interviews with Peter Baird, Graham Turner, and Alan Burgess, operators who worked at ZLW from the 1960s through the 1990s. They discussed the HF setup that ZLW had during that time period. One interesting segment had to do with how telegram traffic to and from ships at sea was handled.


  1. John ZL4JY says:

    Look for the amateur callsign ZM100ZLW to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the maritime station Wellington Radio ZLW.

    • Dan KB6NU says:

      Very cool. What dates will you be using that callsign? Is there a Web page anywhere describing your operations?

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